FREE: Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard


Following Google’s release of Android 4.0’s source code, developers have wasted no time in replicating some of the new features for non-ICS phones. One such feature is the keyboard, and it’s available for free on the Market.

Along with its unique aesthetic overhaul, the Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard supports improved text prediction, configurable auto-correction and a few time-saving shortcuts. Although speech-to-text was not supported upon the initial release of this app, an update today added this functionality. Since this is something I use a lot, I immediately tested the feature to ensure it worked as before. It does.

Overall, it’s a clean look, and seems to better predict what I’m going to type than the default Android keyboards. While many may still prefer Swype, SwiftKey X or Smart Keyboard Pro, this one seems to be the perfect fit for me. Swype and SwiftKey X are well-suited for specific types of users, but can be frustrating for others who are simply wired differently.

Give this one a shot at the link below.


Market Link: Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard


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